Silver liquid mercury



Product Name: 99.99% Silver Liquid Mercury.

Synonyms: Quick silver, Hydrargyrum, Hydrargyri3.

Cas Number: 7439-97-64.EINECS:231-106-75.MF:Hg6.

Appearance: silver liquid


Agricultural poisons, anti-fouling paint, dental amalgams, minning, electronics, and chemical synthesis.

Thermometers, barometers, dry cell batteries, chlorine and caustic soda production,

electrical apparatus, and as a-neutron absorber in nuclear power plants.


High Purity Mercury 99.99995%

Purity: 99.99%

Ignited residue volume: 0.001%

Impurity: Fe=0.00004%, Other heavy metals (Pb): 0.00004%

Quality is based on national standard GB-913-85

We at Pure Red Mercury supply high Quality Mercury with 99.99% purity and efficiency


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